Al-ArosaTea Advertising campaign

Project Overview :

This campaign is directed to tea lovers and those looking for focus And activity, Especially in the age group of "20: 35" years.This campaign aims to restore El Arosa tea’s position and loyalty in the Egyptian market once again and enhance its position and gain new Customers from all classes.

Target Audience :

- Class : C + B
- Gender : Male + Female
- Age group : 20 : 35 - Language : Arabic
- Geolocation : Egyptians
- Occupation : Craft and professional work - engineers - administrative work - teachers - workers in the public and private sectors
- Status Marital : Married & Single
- level Education :Intermediate & university education

Psychographics :
- Personality : Hospitality
- Activity and Focus
- Values : Appreciation of the pleasant setting, the stories of tea and the distinctive taste
- Attitude :self-confidence, focus , activity, and tuning of the brain Lifestyle :Tea is essential for the simple classes while they work, even during family times and outside work hours
- Fears :Increasing the price of tea and availability, buying it and drinking it over the coffee shop and at work
- Habits :Sitting inCoffee shop
- Playstation - Talk and Stories

Communication Objectives:

That El Arosa Tea is in the market for many years with its good taste, It Has the expertise in making the tea time of everyday so special & warm And not traditional and boring.That we have a new flavors with new Packaging for tea lovers who enjoy trying new tastes in tea. Deliver the Idea that the tea is remarkable with its taste and it’s for everyone Whenever you need to set your mind and to have a quality time.

Advertising Appeal:

- Status Appeal
- Youth Appeal

Mind Map

Key Visuals

Visual 1

Visual 2

Visual 3

Visual 4

Before And After (Slider)

Advertising Mediums

Social Media Posts

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