Alaa Eldin Ramadan Offers

Project Overview:

The project is a motion graphic advertisement that aims to promote special offers for the holy month of Ramadan for the Aladdin Super App. The Aladdin Super App is a one-stop-shop application that provides more than 100 services, including transportation, food ordering, groceries, payments, and more.

Communication Objectives:

The primary objective of this motion graphic advertisement is to promote the special offers of the Aladdin Super App for the holy month of Ramadan. The advertisement should highlight the convenience of using the app for various services and how it can save time and effort during the busy month.

Target Audience:

- Class: B+, A
- Age group: 18-50
- Language: Arabic and English
- Geolocation: Egypt
- Occupation: Working professionals, students, and homemakers
- Marital Status: Married and Single

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