Protect your belongings by Installing Anti-Theft Alarm

Project Overview :

Protect and protect your belongings by installing burglar alarms.

Target Audience :

- Class : A&A+
- Age group : 25: 40
- Language : Arabic
- Geolocation : Egyptians
- Occupation: Property owners - Company owners - Factory owners - Warehouse owners.
- Status Marital : Married & Single

Communication Objectives:

Our property is at a very high risk of theft due to the failure to install burglar alarms. You can now rely on the burglary alarm devices from ZeroTech to protect your property.

Advertising Appeal:

- Fear appeal.
- Pain solution.

Photos from ad


Copywrite: ZeroTech, Cairo, Egypt
Art Director: Mazen Magdy (MM)
Advertising Agency: Magic Apes

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