Egyptian industry | Advertising Campaign 2023


Zerotech&Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI)

Art Direction & Design &Video Editing:

Mazen Magdy

Social Media Adaptation & finalize:

Islam Salah

Project overview:

This project is an advertising campaign Presents a momentous partnership between Zerotech, the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI), With
a shared vision of invigorating the Egyptian industry and promoting local products, Which they manufacture, such as (surveillance cameras - sound systems - Fingerprint attendance devices - video intercom devices)
this collaborative endeavor to inspire nationwide support for the Egyptian manufacturing sector.


The target audience includes people of various age groups, from young adults to middle-aged and elderly individuals. It encompasses both genders
and covers diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. The campaign aims to resonate with individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their educational background or occupation.

The campaign consisting of:

- Outdoor Advertising Campaign: A widespread outdoor advertising campaign will be rolled out across Egypt. Strategically positioned billboards and displays will feature visually appealing and impactful content, celebrating local products and emphasizing the collaboration between Zerotech, AOI, and AOI Electronics Factory.
- Social media campaign: Adaptation this campaign for social media Posts
- Teaser Video: A captivating and engaging video will be crafted to generate anticipation and curiosity among the target audience, providing a sneak peek into the collaboration between Zerotech, AOI, and AOI Electronics Factory.
- Advertising Video: A professionally produced video will showcase the advanced technology, manufacturing processes, and skilled workforce of AOI Electronics Factory. It will underscore the significance of supporting Egyptian industry and highlight the benefits of choosing locally manufactured products.

3D Modeling


Before & After


Key Visual

Visual 1

Visual 2

Visual 3

Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Teaser Video

Advertising Video

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