Project Overview:

The aim of this project is to promote the Korean car brake product KPF and announce its distributor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The communication objectives are to educate car owners about the benefits of using KPF brakes, which are made of ceramic and have 9 international quality certificates. The target audience includes Saudis who own cars and fall under the B+ and A class, aged between 24 to 39 and who are married or single. The language used for communication is Arabic and the geolocation is limited to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Target Audience:

- Class : B+,A
- Age group : 24 : 39
- Language : Arabic
- Geolocation : Saudis
- Occupation: cars owners
- Status Marital : Married & Single

Communication Objectives:

Get rid of car brake damage and get the Korean KPF brake product that Is made of ceramic, not charcoal, and has 9 international quality Certificates.

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