Project Overview :

The Ad is directed To advertise the NGO website ,This website Specialized in gathering all those interested in the field of tourism in one place.

Target Audience :

- Class : B,A
- Age group : 25 : 40
- Language : English & Arabic
- Geolocation : Arabians
- Occupation: Businessmen - married couples looking for hotels - Hajj and Umrah travel - owners of tourism companies - transport and communication companies - tour guides.
- Status Marital : Married & Single

Communication Objectives:

Ngo will bring together all those
 interested in the field of tourism
 "businessmen - people who are 
always traveling - newly married
 people looking for hotels - Hajj 
and Umrah trips -owners of tourism 
companies - owners of transportation
 and transportation companies - tour guides
" in one place and facilitating communication
 and work between them.

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تواصل معنا عبر الواتساب
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